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Reasons why your Website must be Responsive

The sharp rise in the usage of smartphones, tablets and many other devices have contributed massively to the advancement of responsive websites. Now that we do not depend on a cumbersome laptop or desktop computer to browse the web, the internet is more widely accessible than ever. When designing your website, it is key to remember the increased use of smaller, more portable devices. This is where responsive web design comes in and the many reasons why your website must be responsive.

It is relatively normal for people to prefer to scroll through websites that have greater user experience (UX). One of the obvious reasons why your website must be responsive is to ensure your site is viewed by a larger audience. The use of smartphone browsing has much surpassed desktops in recent years with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all switching to much more responsive platforms. As such, it can be argued that the marketing prospects of these social media networks cannot be ignored and it is important that your online platform too becomes extremely mobile friendly.

Another surprising yet beneficial factor is that although developing and maintaining a website can be costly, a responsive website is a lot more cost effective. Instead of juggling two websites (an archaic system of one desktop website and a separate mobile website); investing in a standardised responsive website that is suited to all devices will save you from many financial pressures that can be linked to paying for a separate mobile site.

As we all know, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a common strategy we all use to increase our ranking in Google’s search results, to drive traffic to our websites. Google much prefers mobile friendly sites over sites that are solely developed for laptops or desktops, which means that if your website has responsive capabilities, it should appear higher in Google’s search results. This will significantly benefit your websites SEO score over time.

Regardless of the platform that you choose to use, what matters the most is that your website is achieving complete satisfaction for its users and customers. A responsive website will ensure that it captures your customers very first interaction and provide them with a seamless experience from start to finish. These factors are only some of many reasons why your website must be responsive in our online world of today, however it is clear to see the significance of implementing a responsive design and how it could offer so many benefits for the future of your website.