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In the past we've had requests from all sorts of different businesses to create a website for them. Sometimes, however, we have to say no. There are some things that we can’t morally get involved with. We’re all open-minded sorts, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that knows Webheads founder and CEO, JM Littman (a big supporter of animal welfare) that we won’t even speak to anyone that is involved in animal cruelty of any sort.

Working ethically gives both us and our clients peace of mind. We proudly put our name on each website we create and we wouldn’t want our customers to feel uncomfortable being associated with other websites of questionable repute. We always question what we do: Will our business decisions affect or harm others in any way? Will our decisions be considered fair by other people? That includes clients and the general public. They are both stakeholders in our business.

We’ve been going strong for twenty years and in all that time we are proud to say that we have acted responsibly in our business affairs. We are proud of our ethical brand image and will strive to keep it that way. Some of our decisions are for personal moral reasons, taken as a team collective.

Our sense of corporate social responsibility means that we won’t work with companies that use child or slave labour to make their products. We also won’t deal with adult sites – there’s a lot of money in that industry, but we are a family-friendly company! We’d prefer to spend our time on working at charitable rates for not-for-profit organisations. It makes us feel more warm and fuzzy than a casino ever could.

Our commitment to our clients, our employees and the public is that we will continue to work as we always have – in a fair, honest and responsible manner. We conduct our business in a way that is not influenced by gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability and we will not tolerate those who are. We believe in equality for all, whilst maintaining a strong moral work ethic.

We work hard and play hard, but we are always on our best behaviour.

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